First Minister Humza Yousaf says "a number" of people will have felt "uncomfortable" about the cost of the Coronation of King Charles III.

The SNP leader attended the ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, which was watched by a peak of 20 million people on television.

Mr Yousaf has made clear in the past that he believes a future independent Scotland should dispense with the monarchy, saying "I believe we should be citizens first, not subjects".

Following the coronation the First Minister shared his belief that both republicans and monarchists alike would hope the cost was kept to the minimum given the situation in the country.

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“I made it pretty clear that I hope that the costs would be kept to a minimum,” the First Minister told the PA news agency during a visit to a community larder in Dundee.

“I think most people watching, whether they’re republicans or whether they’re monarchists, would want the costs kept to a minimum.”

He added: “Yes, I think a number of folk will have felt uncomfortable with the costs that were involved.”

Asked if he was one of those people who took issue with the cost – estimated to be around £100 million – the First Minister refused to be drawn, repeating his assertion that he had said he hoped “everything possible would be done to keep costs down to a minimum”.