AN SNP has called for Margaret Ferrier to stand down from the House of Commons and spark a by-election in her South Lanarkshire seat.  

David Linden, Westminster Spokesman for Social Justice, said that a vote would be an “opportunity” to test new leader Humza Yousaf’s vision with the electorate.  

Ms Ferrier is facing suspension from the House of Commons over breaching Covid regulations, and could be sacked from her seat if enough people in the constituency back her recall. 

Mr Linden was asked on BBC Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme if she should now step down.  

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He said: “I absolutely do – I think I was the first person on the airwaves the night the Margaret Ferrier story broke, and said then that I thought her position was untenable, and my position on that has not changed.  

“Rightly, voters in Rutherglen and Hamilton West are annoyed they have got an MP who was supposed be voting on Covid legislation that she has found to have broken, and I know that people in Rutherglen and Hamilton West are focused on the Cost of Living crisis, on the NHS and the economy - and they will want a Member of Parliament who has credibility (and) who can stand up in the House of Commons. 

“And that’s what they’ll get when from the SNP when the by-election takes place. We will go to the constituents of Rutherglen and Hamilton West and make the case for a strong SNP MP who will be laser-focused on the Cost of Living crisis and tackling the concerns of working people.” 


Mr Linden said that the SNP were prepared to “fiercely” contest the seat, and welcomed the challenge from other parties.  

He said: “The by-election hasn’t taken place yet. We will fight for absolutely every single vote. There’s no doubt than any electoral contest will be fiercely contested by all political parties, including the SNP. 

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“But it’s an opportunity for us – we've got a new leader in Humza Yousaf (and) we’ve got an opportunity to go out there and talk about his vision. 

“The Scottish Government has its mission set in terms of equality and opportunity. These are the kind of messages we'll be taking to people on the doorstep.”