Kate Forbes has accused the Prime Minister of treating Scots “like fools” over the impact of Brexit and the damage it has caused to the economy. 

Writing exclusively in The Herald, the former Scottish Government Finance Secretary said that the Conservatives had put Britian on the course for “long-term economic decline” with the way they implemented the decision to leave the EU.  

Ms Forbes laid the blame for higher prices and weak growth squarely at the door of the Brexiteers, writing that other nations which had experienced recent economic woes had recovered faster.  

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She said: “Treating us like fools, the current Prime Minister is obstinate that he is tackling inflation as one of his five priorities.  

"But, thus far, he’s failed. And let’s not forget, he’s trying to fix a problem that his party created. A Boris Johnson Brexit was always going to be a dogs dinner. 

"We were promised a land of milk and honey, but I don’t see the NHS celebrating the promised £350 million. Instead, we are commiserating higher food prices, fewer workers, and stagnant wages.” 

The Herald:

Boris Johnson: "Dog's dinner Brexit" 

Ms Forbes, who lost out in the SNP leadership contest to Humza Yousaf, warned that little would change should Sir Keir Starmer’s Labout form the next UK Government. 

The MSP said that Labour were now a “fully-fledged” Brexit party, and would do little to correct the mistake that leaving the EU had been. 

READ MORE: SNP's Kate Forbes on the seventh anniversary of Brexit

She wrote: “There is no hope of a brighter future under a Labour government with Keir Starmer as Prime Minister. Labour is a fully-fledged pro-Brexit party now and will not take Scotland back into the European Union, no matter the consequences for Scotland’s economy

The European single market is the biggest trade market in the world. It is also seven times the size of the UK’s market. Re-joining would re-open a world of opportunities for Scotland’s world-class food and drink sector.  

However, Keir Starmer is firmly of the belief that our future lies outwith the European Union, meaning that Brexit’s consequences will only continue and potentially get even worse.”