Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle has prompted much discussion, notably over the sacking of Suella Braverman and the PM’s decision to replace her with David Cameron

Yesterday, one of our readers defended Ms Braverman, saying that she had been right to call out the Metropolitan Police

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Today, however, a correspondent argues that we should be glad that she has gone. 

Ken Mackay of Glasgow writes: 

"I cannot let Jane Lax's letter (November 14) go without comment. Suella Braverman was wrong on so many counts and suffers from a distinct lack of memory. 

"Ms Braverman forgot that the Second World War was fought to maintain freedom of speech including peaceful protest.

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"She forgot that the right-wingers who caused mayhem on the day were encouraged by her rhetoric; she forgot that she was only an elected custodian of the Home Office and did not have the authority to order people about to suit her own views.

"She forgot that the will of the people is paramount and a peaceful demonstration, reputedly the largest since the war, is a clear sign that the people are saying to the Government 'we want peace' - exactly what Remembrance Day should signify.

"Most of all, she has forgotten her own roots.  Let us be glad she is gone.”