POLICE investigating leaks at Scotland’s leading anti-independence group have raided the home of a prominent Unionist.

Officers have been probing alleged data protection offences at Scotland in Union since the pro-UK campaign’s list of donors appeared online late last year.

Yesterday, they seized computer equipment from a former Scotland in Union official who now heads up a splinter Unionist group called UK Unity.

The official, David Clews, 35, confirmed his Renfrew home had been searched under warrant early yesterday.

Mr Clews said: “This is an extremely distressing time, to have the police at the door with a battering ram first thing in the morning.”

Police Scotland confirmed the warrant was served as part of “ongoing inquiries”, but gave no further details.

Late last year nationalist blog Wings over Scotland posted redacted images of the leaked data, but later withdrew them from publication.

The Bella Caledonia website also received the leaked information, saying the list of donors was full of the rich and landed classes, describing it as “like Debrett’s on speed-dial”.