SAY what you like about Ruth Davidson, she knows how to go bonkers.

If there was one topic no one thought she would possibly dare touch at FMQs, it was Cambridge Analytica (CA).

The dodgy data dealers and their parent firm SCL are part of the Tory family, with personnel overlaps, donations and government contracts galore.

Yet Ms Davidson plunged into the quagmire regardless to ask Nicola Sturgeon about the SNP’s sole contact with CA.

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Nationalists MSPs were instantly in a righteous uproar, and never really quietened down.

The Scottish Conservatives (prop. the UK Conservatives) had never met the “disgraced data-harvesting company”, Ms Davidson sniffed, and asked if the SNP and the Scottish Government could say the same.

Ms Sturgeon spluttered they most assuredly could.

Mind you, after claiming the SNP had shown “complete transparency” about its brush with the devil, the First Minister also managed to contradict herself by revealing something new.

“As we said earlier this week, a consultant who was working for the SNP met Cambridge Analytica in February 2016,” she said, a day after refusing to name even the year involved.

She then lovingly catalogued the lurid nexus between CA, SCL and all things tinted blue.

The links between the top of the Conservative Party and the digital gutter were “legion”, she said.

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Ms Davidson was undeterred / born without shame, and took a pop at Ms Sturgeon’s party for pointing the finger at others over CA, while failing to mention its own tête-à-tête.

“I know that the SNP has raised sanctimony to an art form, but what stinks here is the reek of hypocrisy,” she huffed, noting it took a CA whistleblower to reveal there had been a hook-up.

And that, on top of keeping SNP MPs in the dark about it, “just looks pretty shifty”.

As her MSPs bayed for blood, the FM dismissed CA as “cowboys” the SNP hadn’t give a second look, and claimed Ms Davidson was merely trying to avoid praising the government’s countless good deeds.

“All she can do is spread baseless smears,” she smeared her back.

The Tory leader cheerfully accepting the beating as the price of getting on the TV news. Such is politics.

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Ms Sturgeon didn’t fare nearly as well when the subject changed to the Scottish Government’s resident jinx, Health Secretary Shona Robison.

Ms Robison’s local health board, NHS Tayside, is in permanent financial collapse, pointed out Labour’s Richard Leonard.

It faced £200m of cuts and lengthy waiting times.

Ms Robison, it turned out, was the one worker he didn’t want to fight for.

Wasn’t it time for her to be sacked? he wondered.

No chance, said the FM.

Why, her best pal was doing a great job, multiple crises notwithstanding.

However SNP MSPs Jenny Gilruth and Sandra White then loudly complained about consultation-free health service changes in their areas; LibDem leader Willie Rennie raised another scandal in mental health provision; Tory Edward Mountain flagged financial shortcomings in the Highlands health board...

You get the picture.

Shona the Jonah looked sick. However, unlike the patients of NHS Tayside, one suspects she will be receiving her medicine sooner rather than later.