THE Tory Party would dig through a mountain of manure in the hope of finding a shilling. They’re prepared to stoop so low you could paint white lines on the road with their noses. They’re so mercenary and underhand they besmirch the term ‘opportunist’. They are the personification of sleekit.

So it’s no surprise that one of their most swivel-eyed captains is trying to use the present crisis engulfing the SNP as an excuse to roll back devolution. Lord Frost, who bears the unedifying legend ‘chief Brexit negotiator’ on his CV, says “the SNP’s implosion is a chance to put failing devolution into reverse”.

Let’s accept that the SNP is currently a basket case. But for pity’s sake, Frost’s behaviour would shame the pot that calls the kettle black. What earthly right does any Tory have to stand in judgement over political failure?

The Daily Record nailed this nonsense perfectly on its front page today saying: “This is the party that brought you Brexit, economic meltdown, PPE scandals, the cost-of-living crisis, Partygate, Rwanda, Stop the Boats, Bojo the Clown and Liz Truss, and thinks that qualifies them to dismantle devolution and strip powers from Scotland”. 

It’s like being lectured on personal etiquette by someone whose backside is poking out their jeans. Even some supine Scottish Conservatives moved to distance themselves from Frost’s ridiculous comments.

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But like it or not, the Tories are coming for devolution. ‘Jock-baiting’ will be part of the Culture War strategy that the party uses in a last ditch attempt to cling onto power at the next election.

The disaster left behind by Nicola Sturgeon has paved this ground. The former First Minister must bear responsibility for the chaos that now surrounds the Holyrood government, and Tory attempts to exploit it to the detriment of Scotland. She walked away and left her successor Humza Yousaf up to his neck in the manure that the Tories now dig through in the hope of wounding devolution. Her legacy is truly trashed.

One need only look at current polls to see the price paid by the SNP for Sturgeon’s time in power. Let’s allow nationalists some comfort first and say that the latest polls still appear to give Yes parties a Holyrood majority. But the gap is closing - and would probably be closed if the UK Labour Party hadn’t cravenly embraced Brexit.

And seemingly, Humza Yousaf, our new First Minister, could lose his seat if these polls play out accurately at the next Scottish election.

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