The former states of Yugoslavia are considering forming a regional Balkan League, starting in 2015, with UEFA believed to be prepared to grant approval to the cross-border competition.

According to a report in Croatia's Globus newspaper, the topic was raised at a meeting organised by European football's governing body, and is being seriously considered by eight countries.

The league would involve teams from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, along with Hungary and Bulgaria. Michel Platini, the UEFA president, has expressed his support for cross-border competitions, even though the governing body has previously held reservations.

The meeting discussing the proposed Balkan League was held last month, and chaired by the deputy secretary-general, Theodore Theodoridis, and, if the competition was to be established, it would set a precedent.

The Old Firm were once involved in discussion about forming an Atlantic league with teams from the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and Belgium. UEFA were against the proposal at the time, but that was 10 years ago and attitudes have changed. UEFA recently set a precedent by agreeing to clubs competing in a cross-border women's football league in Belgium and the Netherlands being allowed to contest European tournaments. That development would allow for clubs in a Balkan or Atlantic League being granted access to the Champions League.