CHARLES GREEN, the Rangers chief executive, last night warned the Scottish Premier League that the Scottish Football League clubs could scupper their plans for reconstruction.

The 12 SPL clubs – scheduled to meet at Hampden today – have proposed a new set-up featuring two divisions of 12 that will split into three leagues of eight.

That would require the support of a dozen SFL clubs, but Green believes many of them are still angry about events in the summer when there was concerted pressure put on them by the SPL and Scottish Football Association to vote the newco Rangers into the first division. The SFL clubs – whose preference is for a new league set-up of 16-10-16 – refused to buckle and put the club into the third division. Green believes that episode is still fresh in many minds.

"I'm not sure SFL clubs will rush to join the SPL," he told the Rangers website. "There is a big sense of injustice about how they were being told what to do over where Rangers should go and we all saw the outcome of that.

"They were told to put Rangers in the first division and quite rightly the SFL clubs didn't listen and put us in the third division and we are happy to be there. So I think people have read it wrongly once and they need to learn from their mistakes and get it right next time.

"I've seen the SFL proposal and the SPL version of what should happen. There are merits in both, but what it needs is for all the clubs to sit down."