Margaret Ross, the chair of the Pars Supporters' Trust, last night commended the willingness of Gavin Masterton, the former owner of Dunfermline Athletic, and the club's erstwhile chairman John Yorkston to abstain from voting as the club successfully pursued a CVA.

Creditors agreed to accept an offer of zero pence to the pound yesterday as the way was cleared for fans' consortium Pars United to take control of the club.

Their decision to abstain was a welcome one then and met with an appreciative response from Ross. "We really have to commend Gavin Masterton and John Yorkston for the way they have taken us through the CVA," she said. "They had a very big part to play in the process, and it is heartening to see that they did what they feel was best for the future of Dunfermline Athletic.

"With a deal of, effectively, no pence in the pound on the table, all of the creditors of this club have lost a lot of money, and we should not forget that. Some of them are even still helping us and offering services and utilities for nothing, and that is a wonderful thing."

So too has been the contributions from supporters which has allowed the club to meet running costs since going into administration on March 27. However, Bob Garmory, a figurehead of Pars United, has impressed a need for those donations to continue, with the new club owners having budgeted for a minimum of £500,000.

That is to help cover running costs – including a requirement to pay the fees of administrators, BDO, and football debts amounting to around £170,000 – with Garmory having stressed that fans cannot afford to suspend their fundraising efforts. "Even when a club comes out of administration it will not be 'debt free' and a number of further issues will require to be addressed by Pars United, at a cost, and as a matter of urgency," he said. "Now that there is, at last, clarity about the future ownership of club and ground we urge more supporters to step forward."

The money made form the sale of 1400 season tickets has helped, with Pars United having targeted 1700 before the league season begins. The group also plan to set up a direct debit scheme, which will allow fans to contribute a monthly sum.