Bathgate's Dario Franchitti, who announced his retirement from racing two days ago, did so after fears following the latest concussion he received in his high speed horror crash in Houston.

Initially, it was understood the 40-year-old had been advised to stop racing on medical ground due to the number of injuries he has suffered to his spine.

In the latest crash in Houston on October 6, Franchitti - the three-times Indy500 winner, and four-times IndyCar champion - suffered spinal injuries, concussion, and fractures to his ankle.

But it was following a visit to a hospital in Miami within the last fortnight, which threw up concerns following a series of neurological tests, that doctors advised the Scot he should stop racing. The specifics of his injury haven't been fully revealed.

"Dario was told that a repeat of the kind of concussion he experienced in the Houston crash could be serious," Franchitti's team boss, Chip Ganassi, said yesterday.

"Medically, he has been told he'll make a 100% recovery, we've been told that from day one.

"These are all injuries that are recoverable.

"I don't want anybody thinking he's maimed for life.

"But in light of the recommendation from the doctors, Dario has taken the heartbreaking decision to retire from racing" Ganassi added.

"Continuing against the recommendation of experts is not even close to his style.

"Dario absolutely respects the advice of the medical professionals."

Franchitti continues to recover from his injuries in private, and has not commented publicly on his retirement following the announcement he released 48 hours ago in a statement.