Tickets to the Commonwealth Games events have obviously been in high demand, and many people will have been left empty handed.

There are one or two events, however, that are free to enter. The Road Race (August 3) and Time Trial (July 31) take place in Glasgow's city centre, and here are some of the best vantage points along the way!

Road Race - City Centre

The Road Race will begin and end at Glasgow Green, and traverse a 14km route through the city to the west end and back. Here are some of the best places to catch a glimpse of the athletes on two wheels.

Start/Finish at Glasgow Green.

Seems obvious, I'll grant you, but the start and finish straight near the People's Palace will be an ideal place to catch plenty of action. You'll be able to see the start, the finish, and plenty of action in between as riders complete their allotment of laps.

Buchanan Street

On the outward portion of the route, the peloton will be streaming along Argyle Street and hanging a right turn at St Enoch Square. Buchanan Street is sure to be packed out as spectators and riders vie for the best position, so I'd recommend getting there in plenty of time to watch the riders zip past the House of Fraser. You could also get some shopping done if there's not much action going on.

George Square

No doubt there will be plenty going on in and around George Square while the race is going on, but to see the peloton come through Glasgow's George Square will be something to behold. If you want to get a good view of the riders struggling with a tough climb, then Montrose Street is just a short walk away from the square.

Road Race - Charing X and Park Circus

Charing X

The race will come past the Kings Theatre as it climbs steadily up Elmbank Street. This spot could prove rewarding as the tight left hander after a bit of a hill could bring some drama. Oh, and it's ideally situated next to Charing X rail, so it's nice and easy to get at.

Park Circus

Park Circus offers stunning views over Kelvingrove Park, and if you look inwards, stunning views of some of Glasgow's most expensive houses. It's sure to be an ideal location to see some action. If you bring a set of binoculars, you might be able to catch the peloton racing through Kelvingrove Park on its way out of town.

Glasgow School of Art

After the tragic fire last month, the School of Art has been much talked about for all the wrong reasons. You'll not be far away from it if you stand on the corner of Sauchiehall Street and Blythswood Street, and you're perfectly placed to watch the riders come along Sauchiehall Street and turn down Blytheswood Street as they come back into town.

Road Race - West End

Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow's landmark parkland will be an ideal spot to take in some of the road race. There is a whole maze of paths through the green, but follow the noise and find the bridge where the riders will cross the Kelvin, it will be a beautiful sport in a beautiful setting.

University Avenue

One of Glasgow's greatest institutions, Glasgow University, will feature on the route of the road race. University avenue will be a great place to see some of the drama unfold, as the athletes begin to reach the furthest point from the start line and turn up Byres Road.

Woodlands Road

There are plenty of long stretches in the course, but after the riders have turned for home and completed a burst onto Woodlands Road will be the best. The right turn up into Park Circus is sure to bring some drama so make sure you're there to see it.

The Road Race will follow the same route as the British Road Race Championships 2013. Now if,like me, you can't quite remember that exact route, then there are maps to help refresh your memory available at