Rangers supporter group Rangers First has continued its rapid growth after signing up its 10,000th member.

The group - backed by former Ibrox favourites Richard Gough, Jorg Albertz, Claudio Reyna, John Brown, Alex Rae, Nacho Novo, Vladimir Weiss and Gordon Smith - has already taken over the Foundation of Hearts to become Britain's biggest fan ownership group in less than a year.

It now owns 1.75 per cent of the club and will play a vital part in deciding the future of the Light Blues when shareholders are asked to vote out the current board and replace them with Dave King, Paul Murray and John Gilligan at a general meeting next month.

Buy Rangers, a similarly-run scheme set up by the Rangers Supporters Trust, boasts 6,000 members.

Gough, who captained Rangers to nine successive titles, said: "I congratulate Rangers First on reaching 10,000 members.

"Their membership has increased at an impressive rate in the last few weeks and they deserve great credit for reaching that milestone.

"Rangers fans have always been passionate about their club and now more than ever they have a voice and a genuine chance to affect change at Rangers.

"Groups like Rangers First can make a positive difference at the forthcoming General Meeting and I urge supporters around the world to sign up."

Rangers First director Ricki Neill added: "Rangers First continues to break records and I thank every single member for taking us over the 10,000 mark.

"When we started out just over a year ago I could not have imagined this level of success but we have achieved it with hard work, determination and a love for Rangers Football Club.

"We are delighted to be the number one Fan Ownership Group in the UK and hold a stake of over 1.75 per cent in the club but I see this as just the beginning of our journey.

"Our membership numbers are growing every single day and I have no doubt supporters around the world will continue to sign up to Rangers First.

"I had originally mentioned that once we got to 3,000 members then we would have a big party in the Louden but that figure passed by so quickly we will need a bigger venue. Now that we've got over 10,000 members, maybe Ibrox will be an option when we win the EGM."