GARY TEALE, the St Mirren manager, hopes a platform can be found that would allow match officials to explain their decisions.

Speaking shortly before it was announced he would serve a two-match ban, one suspended, for comments made about the referee and his assistants after the recent defeat to Dundee, Teale hoped better communication would improve the relationship between managers and officials and make the latter group more accountable for their actions.

"If they [officials] do make a mistake they are not allowed to comment and that's something we maybe need to look at," he said. "I need to come out and explain my decisions if I get selections wrong or anything.

"If you got some explanations from referees you might get a bit more accountability and respect. Everyone makes mistakes. They are making split-second decisions and I don't envy them - I don't know why you'd want to be a referee in the first place! It's just a bit more communication needed between referees, managers and players. That opens doors and helps you build a relationship. If they come out and explain it you can say, "fair enough". It is difficult but you just have to hope they are 100 percent sure they have got it right."

Teale, however, also admitted that he would have to try to keep his own feelings in check at times.

"Emotions run high, certainly after a game when you feel a few decisions have gone against you - which I did a few months ago," he added. "There are a few that really went against us but you need to keep yourself in check, because it doesn't get you anywhere.

"I don't really regret anything, but it is a learning curve. You maybe need to take five minutes after the game to digest everything. You have frustrations at decisions, yourself and your players. But when it comes to referees, they are not going to change their decisions."

Teale admitted he would not enjoy being in the stand at Pittodrie tomorrow as St Mirren look to ease their relegation fears away to in-form Aberdeen. "You want to be in the dugout, organising your team from the side of the park. It causes a few more problems being up in the stands. Some managers like it. You do get a much better view from up there but I am one who wants to be down and in a bit more control."

St Mirren have found it easier playing on the road this season and Teale thinks he has an idea why. "For one reason or another when we're away from home we seem more relaxed. At home the onus is on you to try to take the initiative, be on the front foot, and try to make things happen. Away from home you can maybe be a bit more cautious and make the opposition make mistakes and play on the counter attack. Away from home the pressure seems to be off us a wee bit."

Teale hopes to conclude a deal to sign Alan Gow in time for the forward to feature against Aberdeen. "We do need experience and Alan fits the bill. He's played at a good level and between now and the end of the season it gives him an opportunity to show what he can do."