SPFL board member Mike Mulraney has urged clubs to reconsider plans to allow season ticket holders free entry to top-flight play-offs - and rediscover the togetherness that heralded the introduction of the season finale.

The Alloa chairman - whose Championship club were consigned to a relegation play-off - has been dismayed by recent proclamations from Motherwell and Rangers that they do not intend to charge season-ticket holders.

Hibernian went unpunished for the same decision last season, but the SPFL believes those circumstances were unique and the Edinburgh club recently saw a bid to halve the levy on play-off income to 25 per cent heavily defeated.

The play-offs were seen as a means to create extra wealth needed to persuade top-flight clubs to open themselves up to another potential relegation place and smooth the way for the merger of two league bodies in June 2013.

Hibs were given a £500,000 parachute payment last season and will be due £250,000 more if they do not go straight back up.

Mulraney said: "The bottom line is we are supposed to be 42 clubs trying to work together and that's what I hope happens.

"A couple of clubs wanted to change the rules a week ago and it was voted down, and here we are with clubs saying they will either ignore the rules or try to subvert them by finding a way round them. It's disappointing.

"The big issue is what is right. Do you stand by the rule and also the spirit of the rule? Are we in it together or are we not?

"I believed we were when we were setting up the SPFL and I still believe it will be the case going forward.

"I don't want any clubs to back down - I want them to re-evaluate their position.

"If clubs believe the current set of rules are unfair then try to change them - don't break them or subvert them."