KEVIN THOMSON, the Dundee captain, last night confirmed team-mate Jim McAllister had a mark on his leg allegedly caused by Dundee United's Nadir Ciftci.


But Cifti has vehemently denied the suggestion he carried out the act and was backed by his club yesterday who came out on the attack by insisting their player had been the victim of "severe physical and totally unacceptable verbal provocation" during the Dundee derby on Sunday at Tannadice.

McAlister can be heard claiming Ciftci bit him on a video posted on the Scottish Professional Football League's official YouTube channel and the image does appear to show a bite taking place, although the evidence is not conclusive. The SFA will look at the incident today

Thomson, who did not play in the match, which Dundee United won 3-0, revealed that while he had not noticed what had happened during the game, much of the post-match talk was about the supposed bite inflicted on McAllister.

He said: "I know there was an incident but I don't know what's happened with the television or how it works (in terms of disciplinary action). But I've seen his leg and there was a mark on it.

"Regarding the incident, I never saw it myself and I've not saw it on the television because I was at our player of the year awards. But I did hear one of the fans tell me there was media coverage of it. I'm waiting to see what goes on.

"If it's happened it is odd. Fair play to Ciftci, he was terrific on Sunday but if he's done that he's let himself down. Until he's proved guilty it's not really for me to say."

Dundee United released a strongly worded statement yesterday which not only defended Ciftci, who may join Celtic this summer, but also accused the Dundee players of trying to provoke the Turk during the match.

"Dundee United FC are fully supportive of Nadir Ciftci in relation to allegations reportedly made against him by a Dundee player in the 3-0 derby win on Sunday at Tannadice, " the statement said.

"The Club has interviewed Nadir today as the accusation levelled against him is very serious and Dundee United would not condone such behaviour.

"The player is both surprised and upset by the accusation and, on discussing the matter in detail, it is clear to us that the player has not been involved in any such incident. In fact we commend Nadir for his tolerance on the field given some quite severe physical and totally unacceptable verbal provocation."

John Nelms, the Dundee chief executive, made it clear where his club stood on the matter. "We (will) refer the matter to the league. They will be informed this morning and we will wait and see what actions they will take. There is no place in football for actions like that," he said.

Thomson, who was speaking before the statement was released, insisted McAllister was not the type of player to go looking for trouble, despite what Dundee United later inferred.

The former Hibernian and Rangers midfielder said: "Jim wears his heart on his sleeve. He's been terrific for us. He can be angry at times but it is an incident he's probably not expected to happen. Jim is a winner, he's always in the thick of the action, making tackles and running around. But I don't think it's something he would have provoked himself.

"It's not something anyone wants to see in the game. Red cards, bad tackles, various injuries etc are never nice. Unfortunately these things pop up now and again. But until the incident is reviewed and until such times as he is found guilty it's unfair for me to diss the boy. He's a top player and I'm sure he's going to move on and have a very good career."