A fellow native of Dunblane, Ali Collins is hoping to follow the Andy Murray route to stardom.

While the 15-year-old wild card suffered the disappointment of a 6-4, 6-3 loss to Sofya Zhuk of Russia on her maiden exposure to the girls' singles competition, in a way yesterday she still was.

In his first two visits to the All England Club as a junior, the World No 3 never made it beyond the first round of the singles either - going down first to Alexander Skrypko of Belarus and then Peter Steinberger of Germany, two players who have hardly written their names all over the sport.

Making it from this age to the top echelons of the world game is quite a journey but the next step on the way will be crucial. Some 13 years after she shouldered the financial burden of taking Andy out to the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona, Judy Murray also feels her progression would be best served away from the UK. The LTA, who have offered merely a funding package which includes an international coaching period and four multi week trips abroad, disagree. But the Murrays are committed enough on this one to personally underwrite her development if required.

There was a tantalising glimpse of potential here against a player who, while also only 15, was six months older and the best part of 175 spots higher in the junior rankings. Marching on court like a teenage Andy Murray with a set of head phones blaring out David Guetta, Collins was a break to the good in that first set before things unravelled.

"I think I was a bit anxious to play in front of quite a big crowd at Wimbledon," said Collins. "On the day she was just better than me. I knew it was a match I could win, but I wasn't making enough balls on the court, with good enough quality. But I wasn't expecting to be in the main draw at all, so I tried to enjoy it and just be happy that I was there, even though I was losing.

"Judy has been amazing, ever since I was really young," added Collins, who will now play in the doubles with Jody Burridge. "She always makes an effort to come and help me. It has changed slightly now because I am going to the Summer Cup and the Europeans at the end of July. I will go home for a bit, then I go to that, then I will look to go to the States."