ANGRY Azerbaijani international Gara Garayev has launched an attack on Celtic captain's Scott Brown's behaviour during the Champions League showdown.

The Parkhead side squeezed through to the play-off qualifier section of European football's premier competition after a nervy goalless draw in Baku.

But Qarabag players were angry at some Celtic players during the game, amid several flashpoints.

And Garayev pointed the finger of blame towards Scotland star Brown.

He said: "We knew it would be difficult because of the quality of the pitch, but Celtic played far worse than I expected.

"And their players did not act the way I expected either.

"They did everything on the park, except try and play football.

"They verbally provoked us and if we misplaced a pass they ran up to us and laughed at us.

"Their players intentionally went to ground too.

"It was the Celtic captain who was the worst. Before the match, I had sympathy for them. But after this game, my memory of him and the Celtic players is not very pleasant.

"I won't be supporting them in future rounds."

And the 2014 Azerbaijani Footballer of the Year insisted the much-talked about playing surface actually acted as a help for Celtic, rather than a disadvantage.

He pointed out: "The fans were great, the atmosphere was great, but we had no advantage because the pitch was so bad.

"Who is to say we wouldn't have beaten them in Baku on a perfect surface?

"It was our home ground and yet because of the pitch, we couldn't take advantage of the support we received.

"It completely affected the way we play football."

And Garayev had one final dig at the Scottish champions, after he revealed what happened after the final whistle when he clashed with several Celtic players again.

He noted: "It seems that Celtic players can do so much more than play football...they can actually somehow make the referee give their opponents a warning too."