AMELIE Mauresmo has indicated Andy Murray’s behaviour on court played a big part in their split.

Murray and Mauresmo announced a ‘mutual’ end to their partnership this month after almost two years working together. Mauresmo’s reluctance to commit as much time to coaching the world No 2 following the birth of her son was cited as the main factor but it is now clear there was more to it.

Murray’s tendency to direct frustration at his support camp during matches is a habit he has been unable to break, and Mauresmo told l’Equipe it left her feeling she could not help him in the way she wanted to.

The Frenchwoman said: “Andy is complex. On the court, he can be the opposite of what he is in life. It can be confusing. I was there to help. I had the feeling I could not get things done.

“I had the impression we got to the end of what could be done professionally. It was concluded that it would be difficult to continue.

“I just reduced my number of weeks of attendance since the last Australian Open and we actually spent little time together. It turns out that it was a difficult time for him, I could not help him. But this decision [to end the collaboration] was initiated some time ago.”

An indicator of problems came at the Miami Open in March when Mauresmo sat apart from the rest of Murray’s team in the stands.

Murray dismissed talk of a rift at the time, and Mauresmo said: “I do not want to go into details. Everyone was able to see some things. I wanted not to be [in the players’ box]. I wanted to try something.”

Former assistant coach Jamie Delgado has taken up the reins following Mauresmo’s departure and will be in Murray’s corner for the French Open, which starts today.