CALLUM McGREGOR might not be the most glamorous name at Celtic Park but this player exemplifies why so much good is happening at the club.

If Brendan Rodgers asks him to play out of position he does so without a moment’s hesitation. No complaints are put forth if he begins games on the bench, and when asked to start the midfielder always makes sure to be ready.

McGregor is the type who when asked by his manager to carry a tree up a hill would do so without a second’s thought. Any squad which can boast such willing players has more than half a chance.

The 23-year-old is a talent and is liked by Rodgers even if more often than not he will be used as a replacement as he did at Fir Park when he got on during the first-half and changed the game. He also scored a fine volley at Partick Thistle last Friday.

McGregor lost his way a bit last season – didn’t everyone – and being caught drink driving hardly helped his cause. However, now you can’t get the smile from his face right now.

“It’s been brilliant the way we’ve started the season,” said the former academy player. “Everyone seems to be enjoying it, the manager seems to be enjoying it and there is a real feel good factor to be part of.

“Everybody is playing their part and the team is doing so well and when you get in you want to be a part of that. So everybody that’s not playing are working hard in training and when they get their opportunity they’re desperate to impress. That breeds confidence in the whole group and everybody is happy.

“I’ll play anywhere to get a game. That’s been the case in the last few weeks as I’ve played in a few different positions. I’m always happy to help the team and play anywhere.

“Even though I’ve not started every game, everyone is playing their part and I’ve chipped in with a few goals and a few assists. It’s a great squad to be a part of. We’re on this run and enjoying the whole atmosphere, the whole regime it’s been great.”

And even if McGregor was the type to go in a huff if his name was further down the team sheet than he would like, who is going to kick up a fuss during a season when records are falling and many more are in right.

He said: “That’s it exactly. It would be a great thing to be part of especially being a homegrown boy. To be part of that would be something really special. So when you get your opportunity to play you try to do as well as you can and help the team.

“We set at the start of the season that we wanted to try to go unbeaten and do well in every game and it’s worked out that way so far. We’ve got a big focus on the next few games to take us into the New Year unbeaten.”

Perhaps the biggest thing Rodgers has done is to put a fire under players such as McGregor, with honourable mentions to James Forrest, Tom Rogic and, of course, Scott Brown, who had been drifting.

“A bit of everything,” was the answer McGregor gave when asked what Rodgers had done for him. “He’s been great with the tactical side of the game and learning the game and learning to deal with different situations that happen in a game. He’s got massive experience and anything you take from that will help you every day.”

Celtic are a club known for being the story. Something big, either good or bad, is always around the corner. Supporters of a certain vintage will be enjoying this season but with the knowledge that, as their history tells them, a mini catastrophe can’t be far away.

But right now there are no dark clouds on the horizon. The questions about trebles and at least this side going close to an undefeated domestic scene are legitimate ones. Both could happen.

Talk to anyone at Celtic these days and the words focus and relentless are quoted more than once during an interview. This clearly is the mantra. Rodgers tells his players every day that no matter who far ahead they find themselves, a slip in standards is not acceptable.

“We want to win every game that we go into anyway but there is that added focus that we don’t want to get beat to keep that run going,” said McGregor. “The boys are just looking to the next game and the manager is big on focusing on the next game, so that’s all we’ve been doing since the start of the season.

“Listen, we can let everyone else talk about what we are doing or what they are doing. We just know in here that we’re working hard, trying to improve and go and try to win every game that we play and perform well.”

If this was last year, a home game against Dundee on a cold December day would have meant 20,000 empty seats. Celtic Park won’t be jammed this afternoon but it will be close.

“The stadium is now pretty much full every second week when we play there and there’s nothing better as a player to walk out and see a full stadium with everybody behind you and wanting you to do well,” said McGregor. “It’s been great to be a part of that."