MARK McGHEE did not know it would be his last act as Motherwell manager when the words tumbled from his mouth.

Still trying to come to terms with his team being humiliated in front of their own at Fir Park by Dundee in a 5-1 mauling just two games after getting horsed 7-2 in Aberdeen, along with his concentration not being helped by the baying mob outside the Phil O’Donnell Stand main door calling for his head, it was put to him that he had perhaps had better months.

“Yeah, absolutely. I’ve had worse times,” he conceded. With memories of THAT 9-0 defeat at Parkhead as Aberdeen manager popping to mind, the assembled press pack agreed he probably had a point.

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He would then go on to say he remained realistic in what was his final answer before disappearing out the door. It is that sense of realism that would have meant yesterday morning’s decision to relieve him of his duties, granting the angry crowd their wish in the process, would not have come as a great surprise to a man who wasn’t a stranger to flak in a Motherwell club tie.

If we are being honest here, there was a faction of the club’s support who still wouldn’t have given the 59-year-old the benefit of the doubt if he’d signed Lionel Messi in the last transfer window. Felt betrayed by a perceived wish to jump ship to other rival clubs during his first spell in charge, a brewing resentment, and in certain cases hatred, spilled over at times during the odd occasion Motherwell would come into contact with McGhee’s Aberdeen side. To then have him return six years on as the team’s saviour was simply too much for some to stomach.

These detractors who will no doubt be rejoicing at the news that McGhee now only contents himself with matters of a Scotland nature will have had little to no impact on the move yesterday to bring his second term at Fir Park to an end. However, we have now seen just what fan power can do if the will is strong enough.

Motherwell have won just twice in their last 14 matches and with that has come unrest. None more so than on Saturday when Craig Samson, the Motherwell keeper, was being ironically cheered by the home crowd every time he managed to stop Dundee adding to their sizeable tally. This, coupled with the boos at half-time and full time along with the protests outside, were too seismic for the club’s board to ignore.

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In October last year, the Well Society completed their fan ownership takeover at Fir Park, meaning those filling the stands around Fir Park now had a bigger say in the running of their club than any other full-time team in the country. With a greater voice comes greater noise, and it was a cacophony too deafening to ignore this time.

During a four-hour board meeting on Monday night, two representatives from the Well Society board – made up of elected supporters voted for by all those paying into the scheme – were part of decision-making process that resulted in yesterday’s announcement.

The timing of the move may have surprised some. Many anticipated McGhee would be given until after Saturday’s game away to Kilmarnock to try and arrest his team’s horrific slide. But the club’s hierarchy were left with little choice but to cut and do so with haste. With the no significant benefactor waiting in the wings, Motherwell can ill afford to drive away those who have remained loyal to the cause over the past few months, many of whom can boast that they, in some small shape or form, own Motherwell FC.

Read more: Exclusive: Simo Valakari makes case for Motherwell job as Mark McGhee exits

In truth the writing has been on the wall for some time and the decision to let McGhee go was the right one for all concerned. Losing, and losing heavily and consistently, does little to breed anything but panic, and doing so under a manager who is also a key part of the national set up doesn’t reflect well on our game as a whole either.

When the patience of the diehard begins to wear so thin they are taking to the streets in protest, there is only one way you can go. It will now be curious to see how active a role the Society takes in the appointment of McGhee’s successor. Surely you can’t call for the sacking of a manager you helped appoint? Having said that, you are talking about a Scottish football fan. Of course you can.

Breaking up can be hard to do. In this instance, it’s probably best for all concerned.