FORMER Rangers and England striker Mark Hateley reckons Harry Kane could become the Three Lions' top ever scorer.

The Tottenham man is just 23-years-old but last season collected the Premier League Golden Boot for the second year running with a blistering 29 goals.

Up to this point five strikes from 17 appearances in the white of his country is all the Englishman has managed, with him now claiming a hat-trick against Scotland tomorrow would be just the ticket to get his tally up.

And while Scotland will hope to stop the Spurs striker, Hateley reckons Gordon Strachan's men will be up against a potential legend of the English game.

He said: "I think Scotland probably couldn’t have played England at a worse time.

"It’s a bonus that Jamie Vardy is out of the squad, having picked up his injury just as he was getting back in form. But Harry Kane is probably the most in-form striker on the planet at the moment.

"He’s super confident, he’ll be looking forward to this – and, with his age and the prospect of this becoming a regular thing, he’ll be looking to be the leading goal scorer of all time in this fixture.

"That’s the sort of confidence I’m talking about from a young striker."

When asked if he could potentially top Wayne Rooney's England record of 53, Hateley added: "Yes, I think he can if he stays fit.

"The amount of international games there are these days, there are so many. If he stays fit for 10 years he could easily play 100 games. Easiliy. You look at his Premier League record his ratio of shots on target is the highest in the Premier League.

"And that’s how you score goals: by hitting the target and making the goalkeeper work. He’ll get b etter, and better and better because he’ll get more confident."

Well, feeling confident everybody?

Despite the firepower that will be gunning for Scotland's fragile central defence at Hampden, Hateley insists there is always hope.

"Scotland just have to look past the numbers," he said. "I mean 13 wins in the past 18 for England. Look past that number, 48 wins, 41 for Scotland in what is it, since 1872. Just look past them.

"All you should look at is that you are playing 11 players on the day. That’s what you have to do. You have to have a plan, play out of your skin and four or five England players have to have off days. There is a bit going on in a few of the England players’ minds with transfers and what’s happening. There is always that chance. There is always that chance.

"Apparently it is all about numbers and stats and all that stuff and with that it is is a difficult game. England have still to concede a goal. Scotland, do they have a goalscorer? That’s where it all is."

England seem to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride when it comes to major tournaments, however in qualifying they gallop up the aisle with great ease.

In the eyes of Hateley, the current crop are the best thing since the golden generation of Beckham, Scholes, Terry, Lampard and Gerrard who failed to fulfill their potential. Unbeaten at the top of Group F with no goals scored, it's hard to argue.

He said: "I don’t know how many times in recent years England have gone to tournaments just expecting to get to semi-finals and finals.

"It’s a load of rubbish. You have to get there on merit – and we’ve not been good enough to get to quarter-finals, semi-finals.

"The last World Cup was an embarrassment, then there was the loss to Iceland in the Euros …

"But now we have players who are performing regularly at the right end of the Premier League."

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