BRENDAN Rodgers described Stuart Armstrong’s improved two-year deal at the club as a “win, win” for club and player. While the length of the deal may surprise some - Celtic could be back in the same position with the Scotland international midfielder in just 12 months’ time - the short-term arrangement gives the 25-year-old a platform to return to last season’s burgeoning form and provides additional security to the club, who could otherwise be facing losing a prized asset for nothing next season. While Rodgers said he understood the clamour to go and test yourself in the Barclays Premier League, and maximise his earning potential, he felt it simply wasn’t the best time for Armstrong to leave.

“It’s a win, win,” said Rodgers. “In every negotiation, whether it’s five years, one year or two, both parties have to be happy. I’m glad for him, glad for the club that it’s resolved. He’s now coming into a couple of years where he continues his development and hopefully helps the club win more trophies.

“Listen, every player wants to play at the very highest level,” he added. “I totally understand that. And it’s hard to deny someone when they can go and earn three-four times the money. Here you get 60,000 supporters, you get Champions League and everything else. But when you’re 55 or 60 that’s not going to buy you a loaf of bread or buy you your milk. But we also have to do what’s best for Celtic and maybe compromise on both. It’s always about timing. And I felt with Stuart that this wasn’t the time.”

“I’m pleased this new contract has been agreed and I am now looking forward very much to working with the manager, staff and team-mates to bring the club and our fans even more success,” the player said.