HAMILTON have defended a new sponsorship deal with a cannabis oil firm that will see their New Douglas Park home renamed the ‘Hope CBD Stadium’.

The deal will see the Lanarkshire club pocket a five-figure sum for each of the two seasons of the contract, as well as a percentage of profits.

Hope CBD produce hemp-based products such as oils, sprays, teas and vapes which contain cannabidiol, but Hamilton are keen to stress that the products are all ‘100% non-psychoactive or addictive’.

A statement released by Hamilton chief executive Colin McGowan, who is also the owner and director of Hope CBD, read: “The very word ‘cannabis’ strikes the concerns of law breaking and addiction issues, but the facts surrounding CBD are much different. The hemp plant goes through what is known as ‘full spectrum C02 extraction’ and is then further distilled to remove psychoactive elements that are found within the plant - THC. It is the removal of this compound, leaving many other cannabinoids, particularly CBD that makes the products 100% non-psychoactive or addictive, meaning consuming it results in no mind altering effects - like alcohol free lager as such.

“It is well known that Hamilton Academical Football Club are great ambassadors in supporting people and families in recovery from many addictions and are active in reaching out to the community to help those in recovery. The sponsorship with Hope CBD is very much within the ethos of Hamilton Academical Football Club and we are proud to be at the forefront of positive and progressive partnership with CBD providers such as Hope CBD.

CBD is sold as a food supplement and no medical claims can be made. So why all the fuss? Could it be that pharmaceutical companies could be fearful that the rumours are true?”