Emilio Izaguirre last night retuned to Celtic with intention of turning Kieran Tierney into “the best left-back in the world.”

The Honduran internationalist is back for a second stint at the club after a agreeing to a one-year deal with Brendan Rodgers’ side. Izaguirre left Celtic at the end of last season after a seven-year spell with the Parkhead side.

Tierney replaced Izaguirre as Celtic’s left-back when he emerged into the team under Ronny Deila but the Honduran has maintained that he has taken great delight in mentoring Tierney – whom he believes can go on to be world-class in the position.

“I want to see him become the best left-back in the world,” said Izaguirre.

“Of course he can do that. He has lots of talent and just needs to focus and he can do it.

“I can help him if I can. I remember in 2015-16 when he played his first game, I tried to tell him never to stop working hard, be professional and you can be the best one day.

“He has the talent and I spoke with him and always working hard. Football is about talent, but it’s also more important to be professional.

“I said before that Kieran was my boy. He tried to learn from me and I tried to learn from him.

“I saw him for five years grow up and up and I’m happy to see him to do well.

Izaguirre and Tierney kept in touch last year when the Honduran went to Saudi Arabia to play.

Having known the Scotland internationalist since he was just a kid at Celtic, Izaguirre is delighted to see the way Tierney has blossomed at first-team level.

Roles will be reversed now with Izaguirre the understudy for Tierney but it is not something that the 32-year-old has an issue with.

“I have no problem that Kieran is the left-back,” he said. “Maybe I can get a chance, but no problem.

“We kept speaking. He texted me and I texted him and we spoke Friday morning again.

“We always kept positive and I’m happy to see him be one of the best.

“It gives me pride to see him do well. I remember in 2010 when he was very young. He gave me his hand to shake and he was following me.

“I see him now and he looks physical. Two years ago, I told him go to gym, run every day, he did that last season after training every day.

“I am 32 years old, but I’ve stayed strong and fit.

“It’s like Scott Brown,. Be fit and be professional and you can keep going.”