THE figures mentioned were eye-watering even in these opulent days when footballers with a decent delivery from a corner in them can demand a seven figure salary.

Everton were willing to pay £25m for Kieran Tierney - unheard of in Scotland - and were hardly the only suitors. Had things gone differently, a bidding war of sorts would have seen that figure rise and quickly.

And the young lad from Muirhouse in Motherwell, Scottish football’s hottest prospect, could have earned himself £80,000 a week plus bonuses which for most of us would constitute a lottery win.

Nothing was written down but the Merseyside men were ready to fork out that money. We know this because Brendan Rodgers spoke openly about the 21-year-old being a wanted man during the English transfer window.

There was a lot for both player and club to think about.

This is the first time Tierney has spoken about the interest which first emerged in June. He’s remains a Celtic player, and a more committed one you will not meet, and this remarkably down to earth man was open and honest about where he is now and what might happen in the future.

Tierney will leave one day. He owes that to himself. His great friend Andy Robertson, a fellow Celtic fan, would have told his Scotland team-mate about just how good the Premier League is. It is where the Celtic left-back will end up.

But not quite yet.

Tierney said: “There was obviously a lot of talk at the start of the transfer window and during pre-season, even more than before, but for me it’s just about switching off and focussing on Celtic. When I got away from training I would focus on day-to-day life and try not to think about anything else and allow me to get distracted.

“For me, it’s about focussing 100 per cent on Celtic. I give 100 per cent every single day.

“We were in Austria when all the talk began, that’s when it was properly being spoken about, and I did have to put up with some banter. However, working under a captain like Scott Brown is amazing for me. I learn from him every day. He’s my hero.

“I know, and my family know, that since day one we have been committed to Celtic. 100 per cent. Football is football, you never what might happen next, but I have never been anything else that focussed at Celtic. It’s always been Celtic for me.

“I’ll never be in a hurry to leave this club. No matter what the situation is. But I can’t predict what will happen in the future.”

Tierney is the best player in the Premiership. He is at worst a seven out of ten in every game. Even on a nothing night against Suduva, it was he who drove team on, kept trying to make something happen and almost scored with a long-range effort, something which we should see more of this season.

And, yet, there are Celtic fans who questioned the loyalty of a lad who sits in with them during games when he’s rested, as he did last weekend at Firhill. As if a club being interested in him was his grand plan.

Tierney admitted: “I wasn’t on Twitter for a couple of days! I was getting a bit of abuse but, hey, that happens. I’m still here, playing for this great club, giving everything every day at training, I always work hard to try and get better for me and better for Celtic. The gaffer keeps showing faith in me and I want to repay him.

“At the start of pre-season, that was when people were coming up and asking me what was going to happen. It has died down, nobody is talking about it so much now, but if a supporter asks me it doesn’t bother me. I’ll tell them the truth.

“And that is I’m 100 per cent committed to Celtic. That’s how it stands.”

Imagine for a moment another boss comes in for you and offers five times and more of what you earn. Even if you really liked working in that office, hand on heart wold you really stay put?

However, right here and noow Tierney is doing more than okay. He is living the dream, even if he still lives with mum and dad, and the Celtic supporters should not worry about ‘one of their own’ having his head turned by just any club.

Asked about the earning potential south of the border, Tierney said: “It’s crazy, isn’t. Absolutely crazy. The money being spoken about and what you can earn in England is life-changing. However, the money I am on, for someone at my age, is more than I ever thought I’d earn.

“My life has changed because of Celtic. I have them to thank for everything. I have given then everything, really all my life, and it’s paid off. I have enjoyed it so far.

“Look, everyone is different. And every situation is different, be it a rumour during the transfer window or what, is different for every player. I actually haven’t had to deal with all that much. It’s just about Celtic for me. That’s the way it will be unless something happens.

“I still live at home and I’m not planning to move out for a while. I can’t make a cup of tea. I can’t even make my bed.”

Tragically, he is speaking the truth here. Bloody young folk.

Despite his lack of kettle-filling ability, there is an old and smart head on Tierney’s shoulders.

He hangs about with his pals from school, who are a good crowd, he’s not one to be seen falling out of nightclubs and while some his team-mates have tried, he’s never going to become a big drinker. Although whether he remains strictly teetotal is…well, let’s leave it there.

Tierney said: “It’s important to switch off from all the talk. You are of course going to hear it. Whether anything is going to happen or not, a lot of people will be talking about you, folk asked me as well, so it’s going to affect you.

“I had the right people around me, my agent, family and friends. They support me. And there’s the manager. He has been brilliant with me in every situation. He’s a father-figure football-wise, I enjoyed working under him, I’ve enjoyed every single minute with him. He has made me a better player.

“My dad and I mostly agree on everything. He has told me that it’s my career, it’s my choice and they will back me. That’s what you need. It’s great to know your family are going to have your back through thick and thin, That’s what matters.”

Kieran Tierney has his head screwed on right. Celtic supporters should enjoy him while they can.