A fresh proposal to increase the affiliation fee club members pay to the governing body, Scottish Golf, was voted through last night at a general meeting in Stirling.

The resolution was passed with a majority vote of 60.2 per cent and will see the annual fee rise from £11.25 to £14.50 as of January 2019. It will be frozen until 2022.

Seven months after an original proposal on increasing the fee to £15 was voted down, a new plan, instigated by a group of like-minded Areas and Counties calling themselves ‘the requisitionists, was put on the table.

The increased revenue of some £500,000 from the fee increase has been ring-fenced to support the development of a variety of frontline services for clubs while helping to offset the loss of proposed cuts announced in light of decreased funding available to Scottish Golf.

Andrew McKinlay, the Scottish Golf chief executive: “I would like to thank the membership for voting in favour of a prosperous future for the game.

“I understand the subject of affiliation fee has been a contentious one in recent years but I have been clear on the financial challenges the game faces without the ability to invest in areas that will help facilitate long-term growth.

“We now have a stronger financial foundation on which to build a more cohesive and joined-up national junior programme to increase participation and access to golf for future generations.

“We will also press ahead with plans to make non-member golfers integral to our future, by offering attractive and flexible ways to play and support golf in their local areas, while at the same time contributing to the overall development of the game.”

Eleanor Cannon, the chair of Scottish Golf , added: “I would like to thank those who stepped forward to request a general meeting to revisit the affiliation fee.

“The Area and County representatives who came forward eschewed self-interest in favour of the common good: for that, I am thankful for their efforts and their selflessness.”