RANGERS look set to escape with a warning for being late for kick-off in their Europa League game against Spartak Moscow last week after UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings against them.

Both the Ibrox club and their opponents failed to take to the field before the Group G match in Russia at the allocated time.

Spartak are facing four charges arising out of a match they won 4-3 - the throwing of objects, setting off of fireworks, stairways being blocked and a late kick-off.

The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on December 13 and the Ibrox club will be informed of their decision.

However, European football's governing body only issues a warning to an offending club when it is their first time they have been late for a kick-off in one of their competitions.

Manchester United and Valencia were both charged by UEFA for their Champions League group game at Old Trafford back in October getting underway late.

The Spanish club were let off with a warning while their English rivals were fined €10,000.