You probably don’t know Ada Hegerberg.

Not the way you know Luka Modric and Kylian Mbappe.

In an attempt to bridge that gap, this year for the first time there were two categories for football’s prestigious Ballon D’or; one male, one female. And what unfolded shone a light as stark as any on just how wide that chasm is.

Hegerberg, a 23-year-old Norwegian striker who has played with perennial French champions Lyon for the past four years, gave a beautiful acceptance speech as she made history by taking the inaugural award.

Having used her platform to push for the elevation in status of the sport and talk about the significant step in reaching for equality, Hegerberg concluded her acceptance speech with a moving instruction: “to young girls all over the world, please believe in yourself.”

How sad, then, that these words will be forgotten about.

Like the insouciant cigar smoke of the gentleman’s club they will evaporate as the stain of French DJ Martin Solveig’s immediate remarks remain; “do you know how to twerk?”

He has since apologised. A social media storm tends to force the hand on these issues.

But what Solveig did, inadvertently, was reveal to a global audience the casual, everyday sexism that permeates the experience of so many.

His comments felt like a crude and insidious throwback. It really did come across like the giggling “get them out for the lads” machismo of the dressing room. To be reduced to that on stage as she made a little bit of history was, at best, breathtaking, as Mbappe’s shocked reaction would suggest. At worst it pulled back the curtain on what’s still there when you scratch the polished surface.

In some ways he is deserving of ironic applause; Solveig couldn’t have made the issue any clearer if he had tried.

He is not, though, as deserving of genuine acknowledgement than Andy Murray. It’s rare for a sportsman to offer political comment and Murray’s reaction to the incident spoke volumes.

“Why do women still have to put up with that shit?” he tweeted. “What questions did they ask Mbappe and Modric? I’d imagine something to do with football. And to everyone who thinks people are overreacting and it was just a joke…It wasn’t. I’ve been involved in sport my whole life and the level of sexism is unreal.”

We'll all see that a little clearer this morning.