KARAMOKO Dembele won't turn 16 until February but is already plotting his route to the Celtic first-team.

At an age when he isn't allowed to do just about anything, this talented teenager has been given his first full-time professional contract at the club he first joined when he was seven years old.

Having played in an under-20's game at 13 - against Hearts on October 2016 - it's obvious that this quietly spoken young man is in a rush.

Dembele said: "I'm really happy, it's great. I am ready to start trying to get in the first-team as soon as possible.

"This all means a lot. I came here at a young age and because of all the stuff my family and I have been through, it's great to make them proud."

So, how good is he?

Well, Celtic believe they have a diamond on their hands and there are plenty of envious clubs out there.

Dembele is, of course, incredibly young so it would be wrong to put any pressure on him, something Brendan Rodgers has been keen to stress.

However, it is difficult not to get excited by this lad whose family came to this country from the Ivory Coast and settled in Glasgow when their middle son - the two other brothers are also players - was just one.

Asked to describe himself as a footballer, Dembele said: "I like to be creative, I like to excite everyone and, you know, l put on a show.

"On the pitch, I look up to Neymar. Maybe not some of the stuff he does (off the pitch).

"Right now, when I look at the first-team, James Forrest is doing really well right now, so I look up to him."

Two years ago, Dembele became something of a global sensation with even Ronaldinho commenting on the 13 year old playing against lads twice his height and three years older.

Dembele said: "It has been hard but my family have helped me through that.

"You have to be mentally strong, stay grounded and get on with the things I need to do on a daily basis."