THE song dedicated to Callum McGregor by Celtic supporters boasts that there is no-one better.

In term of Scotland that is quite true, although there will be some who would have others as top player..

If only his second name rhymed with ‘busiest’ – granted, that would be tricky – then nobody could sue because not a single professional footballer operating in a senior league on the planet can match what this man has done this season in terms of hours on the pitch.

McGregor, for Celtic and Scotland, has already played 50 games this season and shows no sign of slowing down. Not that he has much choice.

There could be another 20 games for him before the summer break and while his stamina is to be admired, it’s his consistent outstanding performances which sets him apart from everyone else at his club and, indeed, his counterparts in the Scottish Premiership.

The 25-year-old plays well all the time, which is handy as he plays all the time. It is difficult to remember him having an average game this season and he’s rightly pleased with how things have gone.

McGregor said: “The run of 50 game has been good, it’s been a great season. When you come up with those numbers then it backs up how good it has been. I feel strong and I want to just keep playing.

“I did get sent a tweet the other night saying that I’ve played more games than anyone else in football this season – I think it’s six more games than any other player in world football.

“That was good to see. It does show that I’m on the right path and playing well.

“I think I’ve played most 90 minutes as well. It’s just as well I fell alright! I do want to keep going, keep pushing on, and doing it for Celtic.

“This is my best season ever, I would think. When you look at those 50 games, I feel as if I’ve done well over the piece, that I’ve contributed to the team and everything has gone well.

“Modern football is so intense that everyone comes out the team and some point. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens to me at some time. I’m playing well, I feel good, and if these things keep happening then I’ll hopefully keep playing.

“I talk to the manager all the time. I have been fine. I’m sure if he saw I was a bit tired then he’ll pull me in. But I feel good, he thinks I am doing well so I think it’s just a case of keeping going.”

McGregor is never ill and rarely injured. Brendan Rodgers has a list of players who never gives him a moment’s bother.

As a young player, McGregor got into a bit of trouble away from the pitch but we all grow up and now he’s the consummate pro – which he needs to be given his schedule.

McGregor admitted: “Do I just sleep? Pretty much! I do try and rest as much as possible.

“I’ll go for a coffee in the afternoon and then I’m back in the house at four, get my dinner in me and then watch the telly for the rest of the day.

“It is pretty repetitive, but it has to be done. Having rest is really important, especially when you’re playing two or three games a week. My job is to be a football player and to be ready for every game. I feel that responsibility when I’m away from the training ground. I do everything I can to be ready for the games.

“Rest is hugely important. A lot of people will say ‘ach, they are finished by half one every day’ but a lot of it is the mental preparation for the games, looking after your body, eating the right things.

“We are not actually at the training ground so a long time but it’s the dedication when you are away; making sure you aren’t doing the stuff you shouldn’t be.

“I scroll through Netflix from four to nine, just trying to find something I haven’t watched.

“The mental side is part of it. I prepare for every game and for most of them we need to win and win it in the right way. I think when you get yourself into a right place, you get into a routine and, as I said, it can be repetitive but it’s got to be done. It’s what you need to do.”

McGregor has been at Celtic since he was eight. The Glaswegian, he’s an Easterhouse lad, is loved by the supporters and their affection has helped Celtic’s marathon man to keep going. And Going.

He said: “There are times when I’ve felt a bit leggy going into games and then within ten minutes I feel brand new again.

"Everyone will feel fatigued but when the crowd is chanting your name all the time, you do get another almost surge of energy because you know the fans have your back.

“All of that marries in together. When you wake up in the morning you look forward to coming into work.”

McGregor will play his 51st game against St Johnstone tomorrow as he aims to help the club to create more history by winning the Scottish Cup for three seasons in a row.

Not even Jock Stein’s side did that.

“We’ve got to be perfect to get through and I think that’s keeping us focused

“In cup games you’ve got to turn up with the right attitude and produce when it counts. I think we’ve been good at that over the last few years.”

Just a bit.

And if you were wondering who is on 44 games this a season it’s Roberto Alvarado of Mexico’s CD Cruz Azul and Dutch winger Quincy Promes of Sevilla.

The shirkers.