The perilous state that some of Scotland’s golf clubs have found themselves in has been highlighted again with the news that Mount Ellen in Gartcosh is to close this weekend.

The Lanarkshire course, which was formed in 1904, will close its doors on Sunday with a spokesperson saying the membership is “devastated” and in a “state of shock" as the club finally succumbed to financial pressures.

He said: "Unfortunately, Mount Ellen Golf Club is closing its doors on Sunday. We've had the same problem as a number of golf clubs. Membership numbers have fallen over the years and it has come harder and harder.

"Basically, we are not bringing in enough money to cover our costs to be able to continue.

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"In total, the membership was round about 300, but, out of that, we only had 196 paying full fees.

"We had seniors, juniors, associates and flexible memberships as well. If we had 300 full paying members, I think it would be a different story."

"Listen, I am in the golf club today and it's like being at a funeral," added the spokesman. "The place is really busy and everybody is in a state of shock.

"It's only 10 years since Paul Lawrie opened our new clubhouse. It has just happened so quickly and we are devastated, absolutely devastated.

"We've got a visiting party here on Sunday and, if the weather is good, I am sure members will be out for a game. But most of the members have already been up to clean out their lockers."

In an age of dwindling memberships and challenging financial conditions, a number of clubs across the country continue to eke out a hand to mouth existence. Others have been forced to bow to the inevitable.

Carrick Knowe in Edinburgh and Brunston Castle in Ayrshire closed earlier this year while the 126-year-old Eastwood club shut in May.

Camperdown in Dundee is set to be closed by the city council in a cost-cutting measure.