Former Celt Peter Grant has told of the mutual respect he and Rangers icon Graeme Souness shared during their time as opponents in Glasgow.

Grant and Souness would have given every ounce of themselves for their clubs back in the '80s and 90s and often clashed on the pitch at Parkhead and Ibrox.

The pair would be involved in plenty of flashpoints during matches between Scotland's big two.

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But Grant is adamant neither would take it too far or go in too dirty on the other out of a respect.

The then-skipper at Celtic even recalled a moment he expected an elbow in the face from the ex-Liverpool midfielder - only for Souness to take a quick look behind him to see who he'd be leathering - and pull out.

Speaking to Si Ferry on his Open Goal show, Grant said: "I remember one time the two of us were running for the ball at the old Jungle.

"He's went like that, as if he's going to elbow me.

"He's looked round and I thought, 'he's going to smack me on the chin here'.

"And he went 'you're lucky it's you, Peter', and he just kept running.

"I think that was the respect, he knew I wouldn't come from behind and do him to please the fans.

"Face on, though, we'd be into each other."