Before a man by the name of Alex Ferguson was appointed the club’s manager, Aberdeen had won a grand total of five trophies since their inception in 1902.

Their greatest era had come about in the 1950s when they claimed a title and League Cup. That was more than 20 years before Ferguson in 1978 replaced Billy McNeill who in his last season at Pittodrie was named manager of the year despite Rangers having won the Treble.

Hearts, Hibernian, Dundee and Queen’s Park had all won more. The Old Firm as well, of course.

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After Ferguson left for Manchester United, Aberdeen’s tally was increased by four trophy wins, one Scottish Cup in 1990 and three League Cups.  

It’s not a particularly impressive record for what is Scotland’s third biggest football – at least according to those in the North East.

However, because St Mirren sacked the greatest club manager in football history - it remains one of the all-time baffling decisions - between 1980 and 1986, Aberdeen became one of Europe’s greatest sides, winning three league titles, four Scottish Cups, a League Cup, beat Real Madrid in the Cup-Winners Cup final, reached another semi-final, and defeated Hamburg in the Super Cup. 

This is why there are two stars on the jersey.

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There can’t be another club anywhere on the planet which has enjoyed such a dramatic spike in fortune.  

To go from being an okay Scottish team with potential to beating Bayern Munich within a few years was something to see for those of us old enough to have lived through it.

For too many years, this great club contributed little bar the occasional win over Rangers – with the onus on occasional. Celtic used them for shooting practice. Their record in the cups was embarrassing. A once thriving youth system stopped producing players.

Then, Derek McInnes was appointed in 2013.

This was towards the end of the season. McInnes couldn’t believe the standard of the players he was left to work with, and not in a good way. At the PFA Scotland dinner, Aberdeen barely got a mention. The club didn’t matter anymore.

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“We need to make us relevant again,” said McInnes to his assistant Tony Docherty. He’s done that and a lot more.

Four cup finals have been reached and, yes, they lost three of them but to a dominant Celtic. There have been wins in Glasgow. 

Rangers, their old pals, have taken a few sore ones which always goes down well in that part of the world.

McInnes has given Aberdeen supporters some great days, uncovered terrific players and delivered self-respect to the city.

And it’s not enough for some.

Aberdonians are a funny lot. They have a real hit for themselves because they don’t live in Slumdee or Weegieland where “they rake in the bucket for something to eat, find a dead rat and they think it’s a treat.”

There is arrogance about their wealth which has come from the oil. Everyone from within ten miles of the city limits is guaranteed a job at the BBC. That’s a fact, by the way.  And there is a cracking cultural scene. I like the place.

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But, boy, do they love a moan when it comes to football. There is a large section of the football public who can’t accept that Willie Miller has retired and if a season passes without a trophy, it is considered a failure.

Just a reminder: Aberdeen have gone more than 100 seasons without any silverware.

Ah, but this is Aberdeen. Two stars and all that. This is a team which ought to be second at worst and every week must produce football so sexy that it could be selling perfume in House of Fraser. Except, for 90 per cent of the club’s history, this has never happened.

A section of Aberdeen fans has wanted McInnes out and has done for a while. 

That the current manager once played for Rangers and comes from the west coast is a factor – although that is Ferguson’s background as well. 

Oh, and Miller is Glaswegian and grew up a Rangers fan. Same, too, Alex McLeish.

Fair enough, I suppose. Aberdeen are not having a great start to the season and when that happens it’s the manager who pays with his job. So, McInnes might well get the sack and be replaced by Jose Mourinho. 

Or maybe Fergie will go back for old time’s sake.

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Or maybe Aberdeen supporters will give themselves a shake and realise that they are lucky to have Derek McInnes in charge of their team. After all, he is the best manager the club have had since Ferguson.

Although an argument could be made for Alex Smith who won the Scottish Cup and League Cup in 1989/9,beating Celtic and Rangers respectively in Weegieland, and came within a point of the title the very next season.

In February 1992, Smith was sacked by a weak Aberdeen board which had folded to the pressure from the supporters who wanted a change. A League Cup came in 1995 under Roy Aitken but then two decades of nothingness followed. Then came the guy from Renfrew.

But it’s not enough for more than a few. Angry, perhaps, that Real Madrid haven’t been taken to the cleaners recently. He doesn’t deserve this and they don’t deserve him. 

McInnes is a superb manager. He is perfect for that club. 

I don’t think he is under real pressure but who is to say that he won’t walk. And when that happens, Aberdeen will slink back to mediocrity. Then they really will have something to moan about.
And Another Thing

It’s international week. Apparently.

Scotland are in Russia and then we have San Marino at home. 

What with Celebrity MasterChef beginning to get interesting, I’ll perhaps catch the highlights. My mojo for the national team has been misplaced.

What has pricked my interest is the inclusion of Lawrence Shankland. I don’t have a problem with it and, indeed, Steve Clarke deserves praise for including the Dundee United man.

We are never getting out of the group. So, everything has to be aimed towards the play-off. 

Get Shankland in and have a look. What do we have to lose? But spare me the Lyndon Dykes chat. He wants to play for Australia not us.