Serie A chief Gaetano Micciche has criticised a section of Lazio fans and called them 'delinquents' for their shameful actions in Glasgow before they faced Celtic in the Europa League tie.

Fans of the Rome side marched through the streets of the city centre making fascist salutes, earning the club a fine of £17,300 (20,000 euros) and a partial stadium closure punishment for their home game against Celtic.

This is the minimum punishment Uefa can impose and the club have been warned that they will receive a full stadium closure if they reoffend within a year.

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A section of Celtic fans in the Green Brigade reacted on the night with a huge banner that showed Italian fascist Benito Mussolini's body being hung after he was shot with the message ‘Follow your leader’.

Alessandra Mussolini, the politican granddaughter of Mussolini, hit out at Celtic fans and called the banners an ‘act of violence’, saying those behind it should be prosecuted.

She then became the subject of a banner herself as Celtic fans showed more offensive banners at the Aberdeen game in Pittodrie last weekend.

As a result, the Serie A president has condemned the behaviour of fans of the Italian side, urging them to behave before Lazio face Celtic at home next week.

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The Glasgow side received an allocation of 9,000 tickets, but more are expected to turn up to the city.

Micciche said: “I believe the people of Glasgow deserved greater respect than to see that.

"All these delinquent young men who generate negativity and hatred must be fought and punished.

"We must do all we can to get these people away from anything to do with football. Serious and grave sentences must be handed to them.

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"What is disappointing is that we have always tried to be at the forefront of eliminating episodes of racism and extremism in Italian football.

"It annoys me even having to talk about incidents like this.

"We have a series of initiatives, not least to create our own anti-racism team and we have got every player at a Serie A club to fight against racism.

"Something has to happen against those who commit these acts and I hope we do not see this again.”