DURING Celtic's AGM at Parkhead on Thursday morning, shareholders tabled a motion title Resolution 12. It has been brought forward at each of the club's annual meetings since 2013. It has, once again, dominated headlines of the latest AGM.

But what exactly is it? The technical answer is this:

Resolution 12 is an ordinary resolution, requisitioned on behalf of members in accordance with section 338 of the Companies Act 2006 and is not proposed by the directors. 12. I/we have read in full the accompanying Recital of significant events since Resolution 12 was adjourned at the Celtic AGM 2013 and agree with the conclusion that the matter can no longer be left with the SFA to process under their Judicial Panel Protocol process, where it should not have gone in the first instance, and ask that: The board of Celtic PLC either: A) pass and approve the original Resolution 12 proposed at the AGM of 2013 but also bring to the attention of the appropriate UEFA’S Disciplinary and Licensing Body the relevant licensing matters arising from the Recital as it is now clear that it is both necessary and essential that the issues concerned are referred to UEFA as the Governing Body for European Football or B) refer the matter with all available evidence to the City of London Police to investigate if false pretence occurred in 2011 preventing Celtic FC entry into the qualifying rounds of the Champions League with a consequent loss of the potential revenue participation offers.

For those of us not fluent in legalese, here's a different description.

It all starts in 2011. During the 2010/11 campaign, Rangers won the league title with Celtic finishing as runners-up. As such, the Ibrox club qualified for the Champions League while Celtic had to make do with a place in the Europa League.

Of course, the season ended in disaster for Rangers as the club imploded due to the financial mismanagement of the club. What Resolution 12 argues is that the SFA - in their role as the body that has the power to issue a license to compete in European football - understood that Rangers did not fulfil the necessary financial obligations in order to receive the license, yet granted one anyway.

Resolution 12 asks Celtic to bring a legal case against the SFA for the loss of revenue that their participation in the Europa League brought with it. The Celtic fans tabling this motion argue that Rangers should not have been granted a license to compete in the 2011/12 Champions League campaign and that as runners-up, Celtic should have taken their place - and gained the greater financical rewards that accompany a spot in Europe's top club competition.

At the club's AGM, shareholders were polled on whether or not Celtic should proceed with the resolution. At the time of writing, no results have been announced.