Celtic hero Chris Sutton has urged the Green Brigade to "cut out the nonsense" before someone gets seriously hurt.

The Hoops closed a section of the ground on Thursday evening as they battled Rennes in the Europa League.

It caused a stir among supporters and the Green Brigade issued a statement claiming they'd had tickets withheld by the club.

Neil Cameron: With Celtic terrified of UEFA sanctions, Green Brigade must finally get a grip

But Sutton wants the Celtic ultras to calm things down with regards to their use of pyro and fireworks - a move which has seen the Glasgow club fined and issued with UEFA punishments on numerous occasions this season alone.

"Celtic sent out a message they mean business in Europe," Sutton wrote in his Daily Record column.

"But let’s also hope the Green Brigade got the message as well after being forced to sit it out.

HeraldScotland: Sutton has demanded fans calm downSutton has demanded fans calm down

"Their absence undoubtedly had an impact on the atmosphere. They bring the noise to Celtic Park and most of the time are a positive presence.

"But they simply have to cut out the nonsense. If they want to make political protests then march on George Square.

"I don’t even care too much about that stuff – it’s the pyrotechnics that get me. 

"They know UEFA don’t want them and, more importantly, they are fully aware the fireworks are dangerous.

"How would they feel if it’s their child who ends up losing an eye or getting their face badly burned? That’s what we are talking about here.

Celtic partially shutdown Green Brigade section for Europa clash with Rennes

"I can’t get my head around why any fan would go out and behave in a certain way they know is going to damage their club, whether it’s with fines or with sections of a stadium ordered to be shut or closed entirely by UEFA.

"But it’s even more mind-boggling when it’s people being put in harm’s way. 

"The Green Brigade were missed the other night but it’s them who lost out because they didn’t get to witness as composed and competent performance as you are likely to see in Europe."