MHAIRI MACLENNAN revealed ahead of yesterday's Home Countries Cross-Country International that the tougher the conditions, the more she enjoys the race.

So considering the mud, wind and rain that the runners were faced with yesterday in Stirling's King's Park, she was one of the few who had a good time.

The 24-year-old was the first Scot home, finishing in fourth place in the women's race, behind winner Kate Avery of England and her compatriot Abbey Donnelly.

MacLennan may have missed out on a medal but after battling bronchitis for four months last year, she admitted she was thrilled to be back in the mix.

". I had a smile on my face the whole way round, or maybe a grimace with a half-smile," she said.

"I felt strong the whole way round – there wasn’t really a moment I didn’t. Sometimes in a race you’ll have a moment when you think ‘this is a bit s*it, I really want to drop out’ but I didn’t once feel like that here. I loved it."

Scotland's under-20 women took team gold for the first time ever after first place for Megan Keith, second for Cera Gemmell and fourth for Eloise Walker.