Two Scottish brothers are set to go head-to-head in a bid to be crowned Britain’s strongest man.

Luke and Tom Stoltman - who weigh a combined 50 stone - have won the Scottish accolade a combined seven times, but will now clash across 12 events as they join ten of the best competitors from across the UK at the national finals in Sheffield this weekend.

The pair, who consume around 20,000 calories a day, will compete across five gruelling events including log-hoisting and lifting the iconic Atlas stones.

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The brothers, from Invergordon, train together six days a week and have linked up with former World’s Strongest Man champion Eddie Hall in preparation for the finals.

However, both have admitted any brotherly love will be left in Ross-shire as they target podium finishes in the competition.

Younger brother Tom, 25, told Mirafit: “Luke is a hundred per cent my biggest competition, I want to become one of the best in the world.”

Luke, 35, added: "When we're in that competitive zone he's another athlete, but at the same time he's still my baby brother, so I want to see him do as well as he can. For me it's pride, I have a great deal of pride watching him compete."

The event is expected to be hotly contested after reigning champion Graham Hicks opted not to defend his title.

World’s Strongest Man competitor and Harlequins rugby coach Adam Bishop, record-breaking powerlifter Luke Richardson and fellow Scottish athlete John Pollock represent a strong field in the competition

Tom placed third at the event last year and is hoping to reclaim a place on the podium.

However, Luke admitted he is aiming to become the first Scottish winner of the event since 1995.

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He said: “I’m trying to become more full time as I currently work 6 days a week. I am really hoping that this year I can push on.

“I am aiming to win the competition, I want to try and break world records and be one of the world’s best.”

Tom added: “Obviously I want to win. The field of athletes is very strong this year, but I believe myself or Luke will be taking that crown home.”