LEIGH GRIFFITHS has fired a message to his doubters after scoring for Celtic in the win over Partick Thistle, telling them that his career at the club is far from over.

Griffiths celebrated his first goal since August by running to the crowd with his fingers in his ears, a pointed reference to his critics that he is blanking them out as he focuses on regaining full sharpness and in turn, a regular place in the Celtic attack once more.

“The celebration was a message to the people who are doubting me,” Griffiths said.

“There are a lot of pundits and ex-pros who think my time at Celtic is finished. But that's a message to them. The only way I can shut them up is by scoring goals and playing well.

“My time at Celtic is far from finished, believe me. Hopefully this is just the start again.

“I've had to bite my tongue, I'm not going to lie. I keep seeing and reading the same stuff on social media – or I get sent the same things.

“It's not nice to see and I wish people would just let me get on with my game. I just want to play football.

“But everyone wants to talk about me, saying because Celtic are bringing in another striker I'm finished at the club.

“Today I've shown that I'm still around and I can still score goals.”

Griffiths says he is feeling more and more like his old self, and he hopes that his return to form will see him make an impact for his country as well as his club.

“It feels like the old Leigh Griffiths is back,” he said. “In the last couple of weeks at training I've felt brilliant, really sharp.

“The more chances I get to play the fitter I'll become. Game time will be helpful because I want to be back in the Scotland fold come March. That's a big aim for me as well.

“The more games I get, the better chance I have of getting into that squad.

“Physically and mentally this is as good as I've felt in a long time.”