Celtic manager Neil Lennon has called for Ladbrokes Premiership managers to be drafted in to talks over the SFA’s much-criticised disciplinary system.

Both Celtic and Rangers have issued strongly-worded statements in the past fortnight criticising decisions made by compliance officer Clare Whyte and the judicial panel.

The country’s leading clubs have now called for a meeting with the governing body’s hierarchy following a series of high-profile controversies this season.

Lennon, who was scathing about the two match ban Ryan Christie received following an incident the Rangers game last month, believes the process must be made simpler.

And he would like the head coaches of all the top flight clubs to have an input into the discussions between the SPFL and SFA.

“I would be in favour of getting together,” he said. “There’s too much confusion and controversy.

HeraldScotland: Ryan Christie was punished for his grab on Alfredo MorelosRyan Christie was punished for his grab on Alfredo Morelos

“I look at the Ryan Christie incident and it still bewilders me how he got a three game ban for that.

“There is no consistency to it. If that means the heads of clubs getting together and getting some sort of clarity, some kind of straight line of dealing with these things quickly as possible then all the better.

“The longer it lingers, there’s confusion and debate, then there is anger. There are stories that aren’t true and players, managers and everyone else gets angry.

“It’s a difficult job for the SFA and the compliance officer but we need to simplify it. Make it more straightforward.”

Lennon added: “The managers should have an input. I’ve been at a few in my time. We had the one last season in Perth, but the main talking point was about VAR.

“There’s laws which come in to it, which is a world away from my world, but we would like it a little bit more straightforward.

"Most people in football are in the same opinion. The sooner we get it remided the better."

“In terms of suspensions and the changes in the way thing are done, there was a lot of debate about that, but there’s still a bit of unrest.

HeraldScotland: Ryan Christie is reprimanded after the incidentRyan Christie is reprimanded after the incident

"We have a better understanding of it. We're talking about inconsistencies when we see something happen and yet it goes unpunished when a similar thing happens and it is punished. We then say to ourselves 'we don't get it.'

"It's the inconsistency of it all. With the Ryan Christie incident I've lost a good player for three games for something we think was totally innocuous and accidental. And yet it's been described by people as an act of brutality. Where that comes from I don't know. Ryan is now that type of player and we're without him for three games. We just find it bewildering."

Asked if he thought the SFA need a compliance officer, Lennon said: "Yes. I think there has to be somebody who looks at things and say 'that's not right and within the laws of the game'.

"If there is a punishment to be given out - for inciting crowds and that sort of stuff - then so be it. Obviously, we want order within the game, but we want common sense as well."