The Calcutta Cup at Murrayfield last night was marred by a bottle-throwing incident, which saw RFU Head of High Performance, Neil Craig, hit by a bottle ahead of the match.

As the England team arrived at the stadium, Craig was hit on the head by the plastic beer bottle and head coach Eddie Jones responded with sarcasm about the incident.

“We weren’t expecting beer bottles to be thrown at us," he said.

"That’s a new trick. It’s a pretty good achievement isn’t it? Throwing beer bottles. You’ve got to be pretty brave to throw a beer bottle.”

He was quick to confirm that Craig suffered no injury and he would not be taking the incident any further.

"(Making a complaint) is not going to do anything is it?," said Jones.

"Everyone knows about it so someone can do something about it. Look, it’s not good behaviour is it?”

Jones also accused Scotland fans of lacking respect during the game, which the visitors won 13-6 to regain the Calcutta Cup.

The England head coach was unimpressed at the reception his captain, Owen Farrell, got throughout the game as he prepared to kick.

Farrell was met with boos as he prepared to take a number of his penalties and Jones suggested the Scotland fans have different standards when it comes to respect than is the norm in rugby.

“Rugby has, or did have, a culture of being respectful and respect accorded the kicker, silence when the kicker kicks," he said.

"If they don’t want to have that, if there’s a new level of respect in Scotland we’ve got to put up with it. Obviously they think there is, so if that’s how the Scottish fans are going to be respectful we just have to acknowledge it and get on with it.”

A Scottish Rugby source revealed that on hearing about the bottle-throwing incident, they had approached the England management ahead of the game to apologise if something happened but also said there remains a lack of evidence the bottle was thrown intentionally.