Simon Ferry has revealed some of Peterhead’s players and management staff were willing to work for nothing in a bid to help the club survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Manager Jim McInally, assistant Davie Nicholls, skipper Scott Brown and player-coach Ferry held talks with chairman Rodger Morrison when it became clear action was needed in the face of the SPFL shutdown.

Ferry has praised Morrison’s handling of the discussions and his efforts to bring in the fresh investment that has allowed the salary reductions to be kept to a minimum pending government bailout money.

Ferry said: “The chairman was open and honest and you do not always get that from people at the top of clubs. He told us what money the club has, what money was no longer coming in and what money was due to go out.

“We went into the discussions knowing that Peterhead would be in difficult times if wages continued to be paid with no income coming in.

“Members of the management team and some of the players were willing to give up all or some of their wages to protect those who were getting to be stretched the furthest.

“The chairman wanted to give everyone the majority of what they are due but he did not know if that was possible.

“To be fair to him, he has gone out and made that happen. He has brought in fresh investment at a difficult time for everyone and he deserves credit for that.”

Ferry added to the club website: “What he has done will keep everyone ticking over until help from the government hopefully kicks in.”