SCOTTISH FA president Rod Petrie says this season’s Scottish Cup will definitely be played to a conclusion – and hasn’t ruled out Murrayfield as a possible semi-final venue.

The former Hibernian chairman has revealed the tournament – the final of which was originally set for this Saturday – wouldn’t be declared null and void. He also said there was no prospect of playing any of the three remaining ties behind closed doors.

Petrie believes there is no “pressure of time” to play the semi-finals between Celtic and Aberdeen, and Hearts and Hibs, the latter of which could be staged in Edinburgh if circumstances made that a preferable option.

He said: “The Scottish Cup needs to be played to a completion, two semi-finals and a final. We don't feel a pressure of time as to when it will happen. It will be in line with the medical advice, social distancing and any other restrictions that are in place. But it’s the commitment of the SFA to play out our showpiece competition when it is safe to do so in front of spectators.

“We need to be open-minded enough to look at all considerations [on the possibility of playing Hearts vs Hibs at Murrayfield].

“It may be that the risks of 50,000 people travelling from Edinburgh to Glasgow is outweighed by other measures but equally we need to do it in a matter that is fundamentally safe, creates a spectacle and provides some income for the participating clubs. That's important, too.”


UEFA have pencilled in October for Scotland’s Euro 2020 play-off against Israel but Petrie would be happy to wait until next year if need be.

“The tournament is scheduled to start in June 2021 so there’s no pressure to play that play-off fixture in 2020,” he added. “Why not take the time? We want to give a great account of ourselves and have the strongest Scotland team possible. But ultimately it is UEFA’s decision and we will respect whatever decision they come to.”

Petrie also described the recent squabbling among SPFL clubs as “not helpful” but felt it wasn’t the Scottish FA’s place to get involved.

“What we are witnessing can probably best be described as unedifying,” he added. “It is not helpful to the game or to the image of the game but these are important matters that the SPFL and the clubs need time to be resolved and it will be resolved.

“It is not appropriate for the SFA to intervene. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that there might still be dispute at the end of that process and the Scottish FA is the final arbiter so, while it is not appropriate for us to intervene, if there is something that is brought to us to be resolved then that is when we will have a role. It would be wrong to have a view, or express a view, prior to the matter coming to conclusion.”