JASON LEITCH reckons that children could be able to attend football matches before fans are allowed to return to Scotland's stadiums in full.

Scotland's national clinical director appeared on BBC's Off The Ball radio programme on Saturday afternoon, where presenter Stuart Cosgrove raised the idea.

With no fans allowed in grounds at present and with large crowds still banned, Cosgrove asked Leitch if letting schoolchildren attend games on class trips would be a way to bridge the gap between behind-closed-doors games and packed-out grounds - with Leitch expressing his interest in the idea once larger groups are allowed to gather outdoors.

"I think it’s a really interesting idea," he said. "When we get to crowds it may well be a thought that classes could go, or school trips could go.

"I think it’s an excellent idea. I’m not sure how many St Johnstone school fans there are but we could certainly do it, particularly if we get to the stage where these two things coincide.

"The extra bit we’d need is the ability to gather in larger groups outdoors. That will come in time, the idea of it is a neat transition to actual crowds physically distancing.

"I don’t think it’s a stupid idea at all. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I think it’s worth exploring.

"One of the challenges with schools going back on August 11 is transportation, so we’re going to need to sort those issues before then to enable people to go.

"Hopefully some will go by bicycle or walk but we’re going to need to put in transport that gets everybody who travels a distance back to their school."