Neil Lennon believes Celtic are well equipped should Scotland see a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The manager has watched the club prepare for all outcomes with their rigorous testing and implementing of social distancing rules around the training ground and Parkhead. And he believes his players and staff are as safe as they can be.

A second spike would, of course, be out of his - and anyone else's - control but Lennon understands it is a genuine possibility. Though he is content in the knowledge that Celtic have done, and continue to do, everything in their power to ensure they are covered for every eventuality.

"There's been a mountain of work been put into this by the club and the people in the background," Lennon said. "In terms of protocols at the stadium and training ground. We've been tested twice a week and we've tried to live in a little bio-bubble. When we're away we've stayed in the same groups.

“We've had 10 or 12 rounds of testing now and all the players and staff have come back negative. A second spike might be out of our control and we've seen some flare-ups around the world. But the environment we've been in and the way Scotland has handled the pandemic has been very good.

"There was no blueprint for how to deal with something like this. But the people in this country have done really well to get us to this stage, with football and society moving forward. If there's a second spike, we'll be ready for that and will have some sort of measure in place to try and deal with it the best we can."

Supporters could potentially be able to return to Celtic Park and other grounds in Scotland by September and Lennon insists that would be the best outcome. "It bodes well to hear that fans could be back in by September, that's a nice boost," he added.

"But we've also heard the Prime Minister cancel some of the test runs in sport. They're putting the safety of the public first. It's baby steps and we're not there yet – but we've made significant progress in sport here. Socially and culturally for the government here, they've made strong strides but we need to show more patience.

“We're at the front of trying to get supporters into the stadium. The club have worked miracles doing health and risk assessments at the stadium. If we can achieve it, we'll be all for it."