Eight Aberdeen players now self-isolating amid the Covid pandemic have been told they have risked the return of Scottish football.

Two positive cases of the virus were confirmed within the club this week after eight stars were pictured out together in a bar following their 1-0 defeat to Rangers last weekend. 

But what more do we know? How does this impact the rest of the Premiership? Will the Dons game go ahead this weekend? Here's just about everything we know on the issue as of right now.

What is the situation?

Two Aberdeen players tested positive for Covid-19 during the club's bi-weekly testing protocols. Six others are also self-isolating after being in 'close proximity' to the pair at a pub in the city. The news comes as Aberdeen city has been put back into a lockdown with bars, clubs and other restaurants told to close their doors.

All eight of the affected players will miss this weekend's game away to St Johnstone in the Premiership.

Will St Johnstone match go ahead as planned?

According to the Joint Response Group last night, the game will still be played. The players affected are due to be self-isolating until August 19 which would see Derek McInnes without these stars for their matches against St Johnstone, Hamilton and Celtic.

What is the club saying?

A statement said: “With two first team players testing positive for COVID-19, plus six others having to isolate for 14 days, it is also a harsh reminder of the severity and speed of spread of this virus.

“The Club will be carrying out a full investigation but, as an immediate first step, we have reinforced the Club’s COVID-19 protocols and the governing bodies’ guidance with every player and member of staff and will continue to regularly educate and remind everyone of what is, and what is not, acceptable in the current climate.

“We now have to focus on preparing for Saturday’s game under extremely difficult circumstances.”

How did the government react?

Angrily: “The Scottish Government is disappointed by the actions of these individuals who have put at risk the return of professional football in Scotland,” a spokesman said. “This was a clear breach of the rules that were put in place by the SFA, the SPFL and the Scottish Government.

“As this outbreaks highlights, it’s imperative that these strict protocols are diligently followed in order to ensure the continued safe resumption of the sport.

“In light of the ongoing public health situation and the local restrictions that are in place to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Aberdeen City, minister for public health and sport Joe Fitzpatrick has called a meeting with the SFA and SPFL to discuss the situation at Aberdeen Football Club.

“The Scottish Government is clear that it is only by following the rules and keeping people safe that football is able to continue. No-one wants to see the season put at risk.

“Officials will also be meeting with all club captains and managers in the next few days to emphasise the guidelines and their importance.”