JIM GOODWIN insists the Aberdeen players who broke the Covid bubble must take full responsibility for their actions as he urged against top flight stars socialising in public.

The Dons' clash with St Johnstone this afternoon has been postponed after several of Derek McInnes' players were caught up in the Coronavirus spread that has forced Aberdeen into local lockdown.

St Mirren had their own scare earlier on in the campaign when one of their staff contracted the disease and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was scathing of the actions of the Dons stars.

Goodwin said: “If people pick up Coronavirus through no fault of their own then what can you do? But I take the point that the Aberdeen players probably shouldn’t have been where the were after the game at the weekend.

“I am sure that Aberdeen made the players aware of what they were expected to do and Derek will be bitterly disappointed at what has happened – particularly since they were going out on the back of a poor result anyway. We all know what is expected of us.

“The government have been very supportive. They were reluctant almost to allow football back up for the fear that something like this might happen and it took a lot of back and forth conversations to assure the government that as a football community we would police it ourselves properly.

“This will no doubt be a headache for the guys at the top of the game. I don’t think Derek McInnes or the board of directors are responsible for it. I think the players need to take accountability for it.

“It would be difficult to award St Johnstone three points in these circumstances but at the same time it stresses the importance of doing exactly what is expected of us and not finding ourselves in a situation where this can happen.

“We had similar here and it was concerning for us. It was a very stressful situation. It was through no fault of our own.

"One of our staff member’s wives picked it up at work and passed it on. We don’t have the resources as a league that they do in England or the cricket boys do.

“If you pick it up through no fault of your own, what can you do? But we don’t want players in pubs and nightclubs.

“I am not saying they cannot go out for a quiet meal with their wife or their partner. Pubs and clubs are the problem because these places cannot police the social distancing and things properly.”