FURIOUS Celtic manager Neil Lennon says he will leave the fate of ‘selfish’ Boli Bolingoli up to the club as he detailed his anger at the player breaching Covid-19 travel restrictions by travelling to Spain last week.

Lennon is apoplectic that Bolingoli failed to report his trip, and even came on as a substitute against Kilmarnock on Sunday having failed to adhere to quarantine guidelines.

Bolongoli has since tested negative for coronavirus, but Celtic’s match against St Mirren scheduled for tonight has been postponed along with Saturday’s game against Aberdeen.

That development has only served to anger Lennon’s further, and he says he is ready to accept whatever punishment Celtic hand down to his player, even if that means the termination of his contract.

“That will be down to the club,” Lennon said.

“That is not a question I am going to answer at the minute. I’ll have to wait and see what the disciplinary procedure of the club will be and take it from there.

“People may say ‘oh, he’s been stupid,’ but it’s not stupidity. This has been premeditated. You don’t book a flight to Spain on a whim. He knew exactly what he was doing. So, this has been quite calculated.

“It’s been totally disregarding of the outcome and the risks involved, so he will be dealt with in the strongest possible way by the club.

“I think it is one of the worst behaviours from an individual I have come across. Everything has been tight, and everything has been strict, and he had been warned previously about travelling and he blatantly disregarded my instructions and the club’s instructions. It is a complete act of selfishness.

“It’s just appalling behaviour and one the club will deal with in the strongest possible way internally.”

Lennon is baffled by Bolingoli’s actions in travelling to Spain given the Celtic players were only allowed two days off, and he says it will be difficult for him to be accepted back into the dressing room.

“Of course [the players are angry],” he said. “Why wouldn’t they be?

“We were looking forward to playing the games. We have been out of the game for so long, we had a lengthy pre-season, we had been organised. It has been stopped for the short-term anyway by an act of brazen selfishness. Yeah, the players are angry.

“I can’t fathom it. He put everyone associated with the club, the playing staff, the backroom staff, the players at Kilmarnock and their staff in jeopardy.

“By the grace of God, he’s had two negative tests, but it’s not the point. It’s the lack of responsible behaviour which is paramount in all of this.

“Boli has his own motives for why he did and his own motives for why he kept it to himself. For me that speaks volumes, not just of him as a sports person, but of him as a person.

“It is very, very underhand what he did. I am bitterly disappointed, and the players are angry, they’re frustrated. But we’ll use it as a motivation going forward.”

Meanwhile, UEFA say that Celtic’s Champions League qualifier against KR Reykjavik, scheduled to take place next week, is not currently under threat.

A spokesman told Herald Sport: “At this stage match is scheduled to take place as planned and we have no further comment to make.”