It is an idea that rears its head every so often, and it once again made headline yesterday after Dermot Desmond raised the idea of Celtic and Rangers joining a cross-border competition.

In an interview with The Athletic, Demond claimed that both Celtic and Rangers are in the top eight of British clubs by any metric.

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Following the interview, Celtic manager Neil Lennon said that a move to a British Premier League would make Celtic a mega club, adding that he believes the club’s majority shareholder Dermot Desmond could be the man to finally make such a move happen.

The Celtic manager said: “It’s always been rebuffed, but you just don’t know what the landscape for football is going to be like if and when this pandemic dissipates.

“Again, Dermot is very high and has really good contacts, be it football associations or football clubs. He has his finger on the pulse and he always wants what is best for the club.

“If and when that scenario arises, he will make that right decision alongside the board to do what is right for the club going forward.

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